Man Rescues A Mysterious Animal And It Becomes His Best Friend

The parable of the “Good Samaritan” tells of a man who was beaten up and left for dead on the side of the road. Some noticed he was there and walked past him, but one man, the Samaritan, stopped to help. He cleaned the injured man up and helped him find a place to stay. This story is thousands of years old, but it is still just as relevant today. We can all learn from the example of the good Samaritan.

When Jeff Longo found an injured and helpless animal on the sidewalk, he decided to step and do the right thing. While others walked by, Jeff picked the tiny animal off the ground and rushed back home. The animal was so small that he couldn’t even tell what it was, so he took to Reddit and asked what he could do.  Many told him there was no chance, but Jeff wasn’t about to give up.

So began a journey of hope and friendship that changed Jeff’s life and gave him a new friend.

This is Biscuits. She was only 3cm long when she was found on the sidewalk.

After taking her home and doing a lot of research, Jeff discovered she was a southern flying squirrel.

He was determined to help her survive.

After a few weeks, Biscuits’ condition began to improve.

She even began to grow.

Soon, Jeff and his new pet formed quite the bond.

He introduced her to the rest of his family.

Jeff got quite good at taking care of Biscuits, and even began to take her to work.

At home, Biscuits lived in a homemade hammock in her own playpen.

She even learned a few tricks.

Jeff and Biscuits – best friends forever.

H/T: InspireMore | Reddit

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