New Law Passed: Pet Stores Can ONLY Sell Rescued Animals. This Is Genius!

January 2, 2018 Off By irmy2000

Heres an idea whose time has finally.

Rather than have pet stores obtain animals from puppy mills, why not require them to get their dogs and cats from actual animal shelters that house thousands of animals, many of which end up being euthanized? Well Arizona is leading the way as it has now made it illegal to sell dogs or cats which are NOT from an animal shelter or a rescue! Beverly Hills also followed suit, banning pet stores from selling animals who were specifically bred for commercial purposes.

The Arizona ruling upholds the ordinance which was passedd in 2013 but was challenged by a pet store called Puppies NLove. Their argument was that the ruling violated interstate commerce law which is granted by the constitution. But there are many pet lovers cheering over this law as it will do away with the horrible puppy mills for profit model and pave the way for shelter animals to not be euthanized, but to be put in homes as pets.

Phoenix sells about 23,000 dogs which are bought at pet stores every year. So you can see the thousands of homeless animals who will now have a chance to be taken out of the shelter system, where they usually spend months and even years waiting to be adopted. This law finds these animals homes much quicker while freeing up the already overcrowded situation in shelters.

Heres a good summation statement made by Thelma Williams, a Phoenix Councilwoman:

We have so many dogs in Arizona that need homes, we dont need to import them.

Maureen Beyers who is a Phoenix attorney representing the Humane Society, also made a statement regarding the ruling and how it will reverse euthanasia rates and put an end to the puppy mill system:

The ruling is a great victory, not just for the city of Phoenix, but also for the Humane Society of the United States, which has worked tirelessly to help municipalities throughout the U.S. enact these laws (and defend challenges to them) to stem the trade of puppy and kitten mill animals and decrease animal euthanasia and overpopulation.

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