Police Officer Shatters Window To Free Pit Bull From Hot Car

People are warned all the time, and you simply would think it would be common sense by now. But police officers in Spain were forced to rescue a Pit Bull as he roasted inside an extremely hot car. This was such an emergency that the officer had to break open the window in order to get the dog out of there.

You can tell the dog is super happy to be freed from the sauna-like conditions. He even crawls right through the shattered glass he is so anxious to get out of there and get some air. The dog thankfully didnt get any injuries from the glass. The officer did end up getting cut though. Watch as the dog goes straight for the shade and totally lies on the cool pavement while panting heavily.

The idiot owner will be facing a misdemeanor charge of animal abuse. This video was shared by the officers to show how abusive it is to allow your animals to suffer like this.

Share this dramatic video with friends and family to spread awareness and remind everyone to leave their pets at home when it gets too hot out.

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