Smart home security camera can tell you when to walk your dog

Smart home security camera can tell you when to walk your dog

May 12, 2017 Off By irmy2000

There are dozens of smart security cameras out there that can monitor every aspect of your home while you’re away. But the team behind Lighthouse, the latest security cam newcomer, thinks its product is going beyond the competition. Lighthouse is a smart home camera that doubles as an “interactive assistant.”

Lighthouseuses “deep learning algorithms” to understand not just who typically comes in and out of your home on a daily basis, but when, where, and how often.The dome-shaped device has a built-in RGB-D camera thatuses3D sensing as well aspattern, object, and facial recognition.

From its companion mobile app, userscan teach Lighthouse to recognize who the family members and “trusted guests” areincluding pets. From then on, the app can alert you when one of them enters or leaves the house, or if an unidentified intruder is present.

The app’s voicerecognition system can respond to a variety ofquestions and commands. Ifyou ask, What did the kids do while I was out today? the app can pull up the last video the camera shot of your kids. Since it learns from your family’s typical behaviors and keeps track of furry friends, you couldalso use it to find out if someone walked the dog or not.

Tracking your family is one thing. But tracking persons, their whereabouts, and their activities sounds likeprime fodder for a tech-savvy hacker or thief. To protect your security, Lighthouse usesbank-level encryption and authentication techniques. User data is also only viewable by the user themselves (unless law enforcement requested the data, the Verge reports). However, video footage is only stored for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

Though it’s not set to ship until September, you can pre-order Lighthouse now for $399, which includes one year of itsLighthouse Intelligence Service. For $100 more, you can grab a camera and three years of service, or for $599 you canget a camera and five years of service.

At the very least, Lighthouse sounds like a comparable competitor to theNest Cam. If it succeeds in its “interactive assistant” mission it could be a whole lot more.

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