The First Ever Comedy Pet Photo Awards Are Hilarious

From the people that brought you the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards comes the first ever Comedy Pet Photography Awards. And the images certainly dont disappoint.

Photographers Tom Sullam and Paul Johnson-Hicks collected more than 2,500 entries, and theyve now whittled those down to a final 40.

They plan to pick the winners in early September, with a panel of expert judges deciding which images are best.

There are five categories, comprising an overall winner, junior photographers (under 15 years old), elderly photographers (over 70), pets who look like their owners, and a category specifically for dogs called ‘Gone to the Dogs’. Each winner will scoop various prizes, with the overall winner getting $2,600.

Entries for the competition are now closed, so if youre a budding pet photographer, were afraid youll just have to enjoy a selection of the hilarious entries below until next year.

Erika Hetzel
Georgie Bain
Gabriel Constantin
Alice van Kempen
Andreas Ettl
Nando Harmsen
Jim Zuckerman
Gabriel Constantin

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