The internet was entranced by a raccoon that climbed to the top of a Minnesota skyscraper

MPRraccoonGuardian News / YouTube

The internet was gripped by a daring raccoon that climbed a 23-storey skyscraper in Minnesota, USA.
Nicknamed the #MPRraccoon after a local radio station, the animal drew small crowds and a lot of online support.
The raccoon finally made it to the top of the building at 3 AM this morning, over 20 hours after it began its ascent.

Yesterday evening, the world watched in suspense as a daring raccoon made its ascent up a skyscraper in Minnesota.

Dubbed the #MPRraccoon after the local radio station that helped break the story, the animal escapade inspired livestreams, photos, and countless tweets of support.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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