‘Whack-A-Kass’ is still the best game on Neopets

‘Whack-A-Kass’ is still the best game on Neopets

May 15, 2018 Off By PetsRS


Despite not being a Scientologist, I still log on to Neopets occasionally to do two things: see which illnesses my pets have contracted, and play a few games.

Of course, my relationship with Neopets, the virtual pet site that was popular in the early 2000s, has changed over the years. As a cool and bored 10-year-old, I thought all Neopets games were handmade by God. Now, as a cool and bored adult, a lot of them just seem bad. 

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Meerca Chase, for example, is a lot less fun than I remember. (It’s also just like the game Snake.) And the music in Faerie Bubbles, my former favorite game, sounds like a Shins cover band, plunging me into a deep despair every time I try to play. Read more…

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